There are several ways we can work together. The very first thing is to meet up of course! We can start by spending just an hour, a few hours, a half day, a day or even more… All the time that you will be happy to fully dedicate to your self and to your spiritual wellbeing. And I know that for some of us it is very difficult to do that (!)

There is no strictly set up fee. We get together, and then we’ll see. One thing is for sure: I will not require anything from you if you do not see any positive effect on you. You will pay only if you are happy to do so.

“Where is the trick?” you might be thinking… The answer simple and straight forward: there is simply no trick.

The suggested charge is £40.00 for one hour, £120.00 for a half day, £200.00 for a day. For breaks or holidays, special fees can be agreed between us in advance. I am very relaxed, open-minded and elastic. And, once again, except from covering any external expense, you will pay me only if you will be happy to do so.

Beautiful. And now … why don’t we start ?!?

“If you want to be happy, be. “ (Leo Tolstoy)

Final Note:

Everybody deserves to be happy, regardless the age, the sex, the physical, mental or spiritual health.

And any one might have issues in finding it.

That is why I work with people of any age, sex and health state. Children, adults, older people: if we work together for it, it will work for you as well!

In conclusion, this is the main message:

Happiness lies in the simple things and is really very PRACTICAL.

This is a program of ACTION and I am here to work it with you and…

  happily take ACTION together !